Mental Health Association in Butler County

Working Together for Healthier Minds

What is the Mental Health Association?

The Mental Health Association is a non-profit organization of dedicated volunteers and staff who are interested in and concerned about the issues of mental health and those who struggle with mental illness.  The organization began in the early decade of the 20's in the mind of a former mental patient, Clifford Beers.  Having spent some time himself in the wards of a mental hospital, Beers was painfully aware of the stigma and powerlessness that accompanies mental illness.  Having recovered and rejoined his community, he raised his voice to speak on behalf of other patients who were still hospitalized.  Beers invited others to "volunteer to advocate on behalf of those with no voice to be heard" and was joined by countless others across the nation.  Thus began the movement, which later became known as the Mental Health Association.  The charge of the organization was to provide advocacy for those who could not speak for themselves and public education to the community-at-large.


The mission of the Association is:


• To promote public awareness of mental health and acceptance of mental illness.


• To promote public recognition of mental health disorders and reduce stigma.


• To assist person with mental illness and their families to enrich their lives in the hospital and in the community.


• To serve as advocates for those with mental illness.


The Mental Health Bell


The Mental Health Bell,  the symbol for Mental Health America, made its debut on April 13, 1956, being cast from the shackles and chains that once bound individuals detained in asylums across the country. Today that bell holds the hope of eliminating stigma and discrimination of individuals suffering from mental illness.


“Cast from shackles which bound them, this bell shall ring out hope for the mentally ill and victory over mental illness.”

                                                                                                  - Inscription on the Mental Health Bell

Our History and Our Future

The Mental Health Association began in 1956, from the vision of Charles and Pam Grabe. Since then, the MHA of Butler County has been providing services to individuals with mental illness and their families.


Starting with only volunteers, the MHA of Butler County has continued to grow and help more individuals in the community.  Currently, the MHA of Butler County includes an executive director, a supervisor and seven staff.


The MHA has been involved with a variety of programs to guide others into understanding and accepting those with mental illness. Today, the agency provides a representative payee service, Compeer volunteer match program and records management service.




• The Mental Health Association of Butler County receives grants from the Butler County MH/EI/ID Office.

• The agency also accepts bequests and individual donations.

• The remainder of funding comes from fund-raisers and residents of Butler County who sponsor the MHA.



140 North Elm Street

Butler, PA 16001


Local Phone Numbers:

(724) 287 - 1965

(724) 287 - 3380


Toll-Free Number:

(1 888) 329 - 0468

Fax Number:

(724) 287 - 7090


24 Hour Crisis Hot-line:



Suicide Prevention Hot-line: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)